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Nicolas Rosner

I was Born in Portugal in 1985 and grew up in Sintra where I began Bodyboarding at the age of 7 since then I never looked back and have been hooked on the Ocean ever since. Over the years I have been competing in National and International Bodyboarding Events as well as Freesurfing all around the world.

Having American and German parents and growing up in Portugal means conversing in different languages comes fluently to me.
My passion for Bodyboarding and my Background in Adventure Tourism has inspired me to set up Sintra Surf School.

Now settled in my home country I’m exited to share my passion and knowledge with other aspiring surfers.

Bodyboarding Bio

Experience: Bodyboarding since 1992.

Qualifications: Level 1 Surf / Bodyboard / SUP Instructor Adventure Tourism Graduate.

Sponsors: Aerial Bodyboards,, CC Board center, DCK Boardshorts.

Home Break: Praia Grande and Magoito.

Favorite Breaks: Canngo – Indonesia, Paço de Arcos wedge, Secret Local Reefs and Wedges.


  • Vice National Champion of Portugal in 2015
  • Winner of the Sintra Portugal Pro World Championship Trials in (2012)
  • Semi Finalist at the Sintra Portugal Pro World Championship (2005)
  • Winner of the Revelation Athlete of the year Award by the Portuguese Action sports website. (2003)
  • Multiple times Regional Champion
  • Eurosurf Semi Finalist in Canary islands
  • Vice German National Champion
  • Under 18 National Champ (2003)
  • Under 18 Vice National Champ (2002)
  • Under 16 Vice National Champ (2001)

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