Bodyboard Lessons in Lisbon

What to expect when booking bodyboard lessons in Lisbon.  As we mentioned in some of our previous articles, within 15 to 30-minute drive, there is a variety of different surf spots, from long reef breaks to smaller short wedges to fun shorebreak waves. There are plenty of options to suit even the most experienced riders.

When it comes to Bodyboard Lessons and Guiding days, Boogietrips tries to keep its groups small and also to be able to surf any beach wished for, whilst respecting the local crowds.

We know every possible break on the coastline, including the expertise to know exactly which tide, swell and wind direction works best for each spot.

We are aware of all the dangers that can occur on each beach and know where the best place to position yourself in the line-up to catch waves is.

We use all this knowledge to make your experience hassle free, guiding you in and out of the water.

On a 5-day beginner course we start of the first lesson with a warm up and stretching session then go through the theory, were we discuss the basics; like how to handle a body board, introduction to duck dives and basic position on the board and how to use your fins to generate propulsion.

 After your first lesson, we get a sense of how comfortable you feel on your board and in the water. We keep giving you daily goals and feedback to improve at your own pace. We believe that it is important not to overwhelm you with too much information at once, so that progress can take place.

After your 5-day Body board Course is completed, you will already be able to surf green unbroken waves and start to really feel comfortable in The Ocean.

It is our aim to transform total newbies to the sport into autonomous bodyboarders.

We also help people that already know the basics of bodyboarding but wish to improve on moves that they might want to work on or learn like; 360 spins, tube riding, rolls, backflips, inverts, drop knee amongst others. In order to achieve this, we often use video analysis and attempt these moves on specific waves, that make them easier to accomplish and teach you special exercises that help you understand the movements you have to do in the water.