Terms & Conditions

Surf conditions: Our surf spots are selected for the quality they offer, but as a company we are not responsible for poor surf or bad weather. We select our beaches so they perform above average, but if no surf occurs we cannot offer compensation. Nevertheless we will try to arrange alternative activities.

All cancellations must be sent in writing and will be effective on the date which they are received by the company. Cancellation charges are payable as follows:

Percentage of total cost payable:
More than 45 days – deposit only
31-45 days – 50% of total cost
21-30 days – 75% of total cost
Under 20 days – 100% of total cost

However, if your cancellation is within the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to make a claim.


Equipment Rentals

– Rentals are unsupervised and wave riding has inherent risks. If you get hurt we are not liable.
– All equipment must be returned in the same condition it was delivered to you.
– All rentals require a 100€ cash deposit (150€ for surfboards) and a photocopy of your passport. This will be returned to you providing the equipment was returned in its original condition.

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We are a fully licensed and accredited company